Here’s Why Phil Robertson Is Ashamed Of Our Education System



Phil Robertson has quite the list of reasons for America’s downfall. He doesn’t believe we are the country we once were. Plus, he’s offered up quite a few reasons for it, including our education system and our parenting styles.

Phil Robertson On Today’s Kids

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Phil Robertson doesn’t think things are going so well in America. Amid what he considers a “protest” culture, he doesn’t believe most children are being taught patriotism or even civics. He told Fox News, “My take on it is that just because you can protest doesn’t mean that’s a good reason to protest… Well I can so I have to do it. Civics I don’t think is even taught in school much anymore. Down where we’re from we take the scriptures. We teach our children. We rebuke them, we correct them and we train them to do what is right from the time they’re this high.”

Phil doesn’t just think the education system is failing today’s kids. He also thinks absent fathers are to blame. He said, “If you miss that growing up, there’s not a father figure there or a FATHER [Points up to the sky] there to instill that in their children. That’s what’s happened to America. Our families are all disintegrated.” 


Phil and Miss Kay’s Work

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Phil’s opinion is based on the people he sees in West Monroe Louisiana, who are desperately in need of help. He shared that he and his wife Miss Kay work with addicts in their community every week. He said, “Miss Kay and I every day we sit down with people. They’re on heroin, opioids… I mean it’s just one after the other after the other. She works with the women I work with the men. Their faces are different, but their stories are all the same…” Phil says 98 percent of these people come from broken homes. He said In The Woods With Phil is an attempt to rectify this problem by educating and filling a void in people’s hearts and families.

Do you think In the Woods With Phil Robertson is the answer?