UH-OH: Phil Goes On Youtube To Make Crazy”Controversial” Proclamation…


Phil Robertson took to CRTV’s youtube channel to address his fans about the Texas Church Shooting. The Duck Dynasty alum and star of the new Phil In the Woods series had quite a lot to say about the tragedy.

Phil Robertson On The Texas Church Shooting

“According to the Washington Post, they came up with a brilliant conclusion,” Phil Robertson said. “Two characteristics of mass murderers- they’re men, and they have guns. That’s the problem. I guess what they’re saying if you get rid of all men, and you get rid of all guns, there’d never be a murder problem.”

Phil Robertson doesn’t buy that. He believes the problem Americans are facing is not of gun control, but of a lack of Jesus. 

Phil then went on to list mass murders. He pointed out that each one was a man without Jesus. “Any Jesus there? No,” Phil repeated. He explained, “You see I agree there’s two characteristics with mass murderers…No Jesus and the work of Satan. The same people who say there is no God, are saying ‘Well it’s guns, it’s trucks, it’s knives.”…Satan is the problem.”

They’re Still Alive

Phil also addressed his beliefs about the victims of the mass shooting. He believes their spirits are still alive and with the Lord. He said, “Thank God that these brothers and sisters of ours, that were in our little church. They were brothers and sisters of this resurrection. Don’t worry about the one who can kill the body. You worry about the one…that can destroy both body and soul in hell.”

The man who committed the mass shooting in Texas last week is reported to have escaped from a mental health facility. Over 20 people were murdered. Caskets have been donated by a local funeral home for the victims. The church has lost a large portion of its congregation, and will almost certainly never be the same.

Phil Robertson said, “The brothers at the little church in Texas, children of the resurrection. You can kill their body. But they’re alive with God.”