Phil Robertson Blew 10 Million Dollars Away And He’s Not Even Worried


Phil Robertson didn’t seem bothered that his words in GQ magazine many years ago cost the family nearly 10 million dollars. Apparently to Phil that amount of money is inconsequential. He said, “We had plenty left.”

Phil Robertson On Censorship And Scandal

Phil Robertson didn’t love being on Duck Dynasty. Though much of the Robertson family enjoyed their time on reality TV, Phil specifically felt censored, held back, and bottled up. He said, “I just know when we did the Duck Dynasty thing since the sponsors were there, if the sponsors didn’t like something yours truly had to say, especially about spiritual matters, well the sponsors will just pull out.” He added, “They kind of held that over your head. You will hold to the party line, and you will be politically correct, or it’ll cost you money.”

Phil feels more comfortable on his new show In The Woods With Phil, which streams on Conservative Review Television. The show has been promoted as a series that will show Phil “uncensored” and promises the Duck Dynasty alum will “tell it like it is.”

Of course, all fans remember back in 2013 when Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ magazzine landed the family in hot water. Phil said, “I quoted a bible verse and they read it on national TV, and people got the holler what a mean man I was because somebody said ‘he’s perverse and they see it. And I’m like, I quoted 1st Corinthians 6 9 and 10…Don’t be deceived…they won’t inherit the kingdom of God.”

Big Bucks, Gone

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Phil Robertson still isn’t remorseful about his words. He believes he said what the Bible said and that’s that. Phil is a man of simple living. He enjoys hunting and cooking his own food and living off the land. However, apparently, 10 million dollars isn’t a huge deal to him either. 

Phil laughed, “So that cost us about 10 million. But we got plenty left.” It was certainly an out of character statement, seeing as the Robertsons are typically known for their modesty. However, you can also look at it this way; even 10 million dollars isn’t enough to make Phil Robertson turn away from his Bible.