Phil Robertson Just Went On Fox, But What He Said About NYC Is Making Headlines…


Phil Robertson just told Fox Business and New York City will never be able to have happiness. Here’s why the Duck Dynasty patriarch says he’d like to stay in the woods.

Phil Robertson on Fox Business

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Phil Robertson appeared on Fox business this week to promote his new show Phil In The Woods. The show will appear on Conservative Review Television Network, a paid-for streaming service that promises to help you, “Stop feeding the mainstream media machine and join the media revolution on CRTV.

However, Phil couldn’t stay In the Woods forever if he wanted to promote his series. He stopped by the New York City Fox Business studios. When asked what he thought of a crazy city like New York, Phil decided to go deep.

The Duck Commander creator said, “After visiting here it reminded me [of] the words of Thomas Jefferson. ‘I predict future happiness for Americans, as long as they can find open lands to go to.’ In other words, stay in the woods.”

Phil obviously wasn’t a fan of New York City, a place he and his family have visited regularly while promoting their many business and entertainment endeavors. He continued, “But if we ever get stuck up on top of one another, he said, ‘as the major cities in Europe we’ll become as corrupt as they are. So 200 years later, I’m looking around. I visit New York, I looked at Times Square, human beings gyrating, I’m like Mr. Jefferson… Stay in the woods, and stay out of trouble.”

Perhaps Phil isn’t the best candidate for a New York City transplant. Sadie Robertson, his busy-bee granddaughter, might be a better choice.

Phil In The Woods

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Phil In The Woods will follow Phil roaming his own land, and promises to show a candid side to the star. He and the CRTV network want to stop worrying about being “Politically correct.” They describe the show, “What does a man do when liberals try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? He goes deep into the woods and starts a fire. Join Phil Robertson like you’ve never seen him before. No middlemen, no PC police — just truth, from Phil’s mouth to your screen.”

What do you think of Phil Robertson’s thoughts on New York?