Discover Phil Robertson’s Intriguing Thoughts On Protesting


Phil Robertson seems to be a passionate man. He certainly speaks his mind and tries to stand for Christianity at all times. However, he says there’s nothing that’s ever moved him to protest.

Protests In America

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There seems to be a new protest in America every day. Last week students across America participated in a “walk-out” to advocate for stricter gun control laws and a higher age minimum for purchasing assault rifles. The protest came in response to the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland High school.

Weeks before the Women’s Marovertookook many cities. These peaceful protests aimed to advocate for equal pay, health care, and women’s rights. This was the second year in a row women and their allies have marched for their rights.

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We seem to hear of other protests all the time, whether they  be in Washington or at University’s across the campus. While some see this as a positive and constructive expression of political belief, others see it as a mob-mentality cultural phenomenon. The Federalist pointed out, “It’s a fact of life that protest—particularly civil disobedience such as blocking roads and bridges— has its victims. Even if one deems the protest dire and necessary, and the collateral damage insignificant by comparison, it still exists.” Phil Robertson tends to agree. He believes protests aren’t worth the bother.

Phil Robertson Won’t Protest

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The Robertson patriarch told Fox News that you won’t see him protesting any time soon. He’s never felt the need to take up a sign and go join the masses. He said, “Look, I’m 71. So far, I’ve never seen anything big enough for me to protest… I have a right. You said you have the right to peacively assemble and air your grievances. I’m 71, but so far nothing has risen to the level to make me go protest anything.” 

He added, “My take on it is that, just because you can protest, doesn’t mean that’s a good reason to protest… Well I can so I have to do it. Civics I don’t think is even taught in school much anymore.”

Do you agree with Phil Robertson? Is protesting not the answer?