Phil Robertson Offers His Forgiveness To The Sinful And Corrupt Hollywood Men


Phil Robertson says all of Hollywood is corrupt. However, he offers them forgiveness. He says Harvey Weinstein and all the other sinful men in Hollywood need to turn towards God.

Phil Robertson On Hollywood

Phil Robertson has never been a fan of Hollywood. He didn’t want to film Duck Dynasty. Plushe certainly didn’t like being censored on the show. He told cameras, “I just know that when we did the Duck Dynasty thing, since the sponsors were there, if the sponsors didn’t like something yours truly had to say, especially about spiritual matters, well the sponsors would just pull out.” 

Phil admitted the Robertson family lost about $10 million dollars when he allegedly equated homosexuality to bestiality. Phil maintains that he was merely quoting scripture. And as for the money? He said, “We had plenty more left.”

However, Phil had more to say about Hollywood. These days it seems there’s a new scandal out every day about sexual assault or harassment in Hollywood. This doesn’t surprise Phil. He hasn’t been trusting of the industry from the beginning. Of course, Phil has his own past when it comes to sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. He said, “I used to get high get drunk get made on a regular basis, you say he repented. I’ve turned from that.”

Jesus Forgives

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Finally, Phil also believes that the Hollywood executives and those accused can be forgiven. He told cameras, “Everyone needs to remember, I reminded in a speech I gave a couple of weeks ago. I said, can yall believe there’s immorality in Hollywood! I’m shocked!” 

However, Phil did add, “Weinstein and all the rest of them. They can be forgiven. Just turn to that. You heard. Jesus can remove all that. I would tell Weinstein ‘the Lord forgives you for that.'”

When asked if he condemns Hollywood’s actions he said, “You don’t condemn them. Their sins condemned them, we’re giving them the way out.”

Do you agree with Phil Robertson? Should we forgive Harvey Weinstein and others?