Facebook Forcefully Removes Phil’s Clip, But We’ve Still Got It Here


Phil Robertson’s new show premiered earlier this Fall, and fans were excited to see the Duck Dynasty patriarch back on the small screen. Phil kicked off the series talking about his favorite activity, hunting ducks.

They’re A Food Source

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Phil Robertson wasted no time jumping into what he loves on his new series Phil In the Woods. In the series premiere, Phil can be seen cleaning a freshly caught blue-winged teal duck. Phil explains that his new friend “flew probably from Canada, possibly the Dakotas.”

In this clip, Phil exemplifies why he’s revered by his fellow hunters and sportsmen. Phil knows his stuff, and he tells it like it is. He jumped right in sharing his beliefs on what birds were created for. “What’s he good for?” Phil asked, “Food source! Millions of pounds of protein in the sky going from point A to point B. This was made for things to eat!” He added, “You get a little use of him, man does. But other than feathers for a pillow, you say, what’s he good for? Nothing but table fat!”

Earlier this month, Facebook removed this same clip from its website. The social network deemed the video “graphic violence or gore.” It merely showed Phil cleaning and preparing the duck. Phil wrote on Facebook, “Graphic violence? Where do these people think their food comes from?! Are you sick of being told God’s name and your way of life need warning labels?”

Organic Food From Phil Robertson

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However, Phil continues to share his way of life in the clip. “You don’t actually pick a duck, you roll the feathers off,” Phil explains. He says passionately, ” He then suggests, “When people shoot people they say the gun’s a problem. When people shoot birds, ‘That sorry low-down rascal, he’s killing a duck and he’s gonna eat him.'” Phil then adds liberals believes it, “takes a coward to go out and kill a bird…No…It takes someone who is hungry, and he wants organic food out in the wild.” 

Phil Robertson is happy to have found a media outlet that won’t censor his lifestyle. Phil Robertson’s fans are happy to see him back on TV, being his authentic self.