They Ask Phil What Has Caused The Problem With Corruption, But What He Answers Next Is…


Phil Robertson recently appeared on Ben Shapiro’s radio show. Shapiro asked Robertson what he thinks has caused such a huge problem in Washington DC with corruption. Phil blames idols and idolatry. 

Phil Robertson Says The Government Can’t Be God

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Phil Robertson is a patriotic man. He supports America and believes its a great country. However, he’s quick to point out that our government will never be God. 

When asked what he thinks caused the crazy amounts of corruption and problems in DC, Phil says idolatry is to blame. He believes we are making the government into a god, and that it needs to stop.

Phil said, “Biblically speaking… throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelations, throughout the Bible it condemns idolatry. Putting something up that’s more important, or more allegiance, more honor, more worship, directed towards something other than God. Do not make for yourselves an idol in the form of anything, on heaven or earth.”

Robertson also believes we rely too heavily on the government and Washington. He even went so far to say we are on a downward spiral. “…Once you elevate Government to where it supersedes God, and you begin to think the government will feed us, the government will house us, the government will educate us, the government will provide our health care, once you do that, you begin on a downward spiral, and you end up where all the nations before us have ended up.”

Separation Of Church And State

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Phil also believes that the removal of God from everyday life, schools, in particular, has caused America to go down this path. He said, “It’s been a slow 60 years. In the last 60 years, they have pushed God into the structures, they have this steeple on him. They say keep him out there…. We don’t want a 5th-grade girl thanking her God for the sandwich she’s fixin’ to eat…We removed God and pushed him out of our culture…”

Do you agree with Phil? Has God been shoved out of American culture, and are we on a downward spiral of despair?