Phil Robertson Shares His Thoughts On Putting Guns In Schools


The idea of putting guns in schools seems to be on everyone’s minds lately. Since the tragic mass shooting in Florida this Valentine’s Day, the gun control debate has really heated up. Here’s what Phil Robertson has said in the past about the subject.

What Does Phil Robertson Think About Guns?

Before the school shooting in Parkland Florida, gun control was already a hot-button debate. It seems now that the conversation is as fiery as ever, with people throwing out suggestions left and right about how we can prevent these sorts of tragedies.

Back in 2016, Phil Robertson was asked if he believes teachers should be armed. His answer probably won’t surprise you. He said, “Because there’s been so much carnage from time to time in our schools, I don’t disagree with [President Trump’s] assessment.” Phil then stressed that those who are armed should have the proper training. He explained, “People just come in the way they’ve done in some of these schools and start shooting up the place. I would feel better about it if my children were in that school, if someone- and I would have to stress that they’d have to be fully trained and know fire arms and be fully vetted- but I would say at least they’d have had a better chance if that were the case.”

Phil then added, “I don’t think it’s beyond the pale to say trained professionals, who are there to protect the children. I don’t have a problem with that.”

It’s A Spiritual Problem

Phil has not addressed this idea since the Parkland shooting. However, in the past, he has pointed the blame for these tragedies away from guns and towards evil. He addressed the mass shooting that took place in a Texas church last year by saying, “There are two characteristics of mass murderers: no Jesus, and the work of Satan. Satan is the problem.” Phil maintains that America has a spiritual problem, not a gun problem. We wonder if he will speak out soon about the debate going on in America.