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How Phil Robertson Reacted to the News of a Black Grandchild

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-21

Jep and Jessica Robertson of Duck Dynasty talked candidly about how Jep’s father, Phil Robertson reacted to having a black grandchild.

Phil Robertson
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In the Robertson’s latest reality show, Growing the Dynasty which the first episode aired this past January, the couple discovered they can adopt a newborn baby boy.

As is common in these situations, the family has to wait five days for the birth mother’s decision to become final. While every state has different laws, it’s reasonable and common for states to give birth mothers an opportunity to change their mind. After all, this is a life changing decision.

Over the five-day waiting period, Willie and Korie shared their parenting advice. Of course, with six children of their own, they have quite a bit of experience.

Korie and Willie have three biological children, John Luke, Sadie, and Bella. Then, they adopted a son named Will. And they also have a foster daughter Rebecca, who came to them in 2004 as an exchange student from Taiwan.

Last January Korie and Willie announce they were adopting a new son, a 13year old. So the Robertsons are no stranger to adoption.

Jessica has wanted to adopt for a long time.

She believed in her heart that it was something they were supposed to do. Jep wasn’t so sure.

In fact, the only thing he was sure about was that he never thought he would adopt. Then all that changed.

On the first episode of Growing the Dynasty, Jep said that after he went to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic he knew it was possible. “Once you see the need, it’s kinda hard not to acknowledge it.” 

The couple started a video diary so that the baby could look back and know how excited they were about having him join the family.

Their children were also excited. With three girls and one boy, the new big brother was thrilled to have another boy in the house.

“It’s a boy.”

Welcome to the Dynasty, Jules.

Grandfather Phil Robertson is reported to also be excited about the new addition to the family, another grandson to carry on the family traditions no doubt.

When the entire family went on Good Morning America, the question was asked as to how the 69-year-old Robertson reacted to the news of the adoption, given the fact that the new member was black. Not a surprising question to ask, given the stereotypes of southern men. But there’s little that is stereotypical about Phil Robertson.

“He always said, and I guess this never got quoted, is that, ‘We’re all part of one race, the human race. He loves him.” Jep told Good Morning America.

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