Phil Just Revealed What He Thinks Of Homosexuals Now…


Phil Robertson recently re-addressed his famous so-called homophobic comments from a 2013 issue of GQ Magazine. The Duck Dynasty patriarch was put on an incredibly short suspension from the A&E network after his comments. Here’s what he had to say four years later.

Phil Robertson’s GQ Comments

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The Duck Dynasty patriarch was famously supported by his family and fans through the controversy, which didn’t tarnish his entire brand. Many were shocked when little to no consequences were upheld against the duck man after he equated bestiality and homosexuality in the magazine interview.

Phil was suspended for only nine days. The network retracted their punishment after Phil’s family declared they would not continue filming without their grandfather. Now, four years later, Phil Robertson is once again addressing the scandal.

Phil spoke with Ben Shapiro about censorship, and his new show Phil In The Woods. The show’s advertisements state, “What does a man do when liberals try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? He goes deep into the woods and starts a fire. Join Phil Robertson like you’ve never seen him before. No middlemen, no PC police — just truth, from Phil’s mouth to your screen.”

When Shapiro asked Phil how his new show would differ from Duck Dynasty, Phil explained there would be no filter whatsoever between him and the audience. “I told the guys…I said if we do this, let’s have it to where there’s no filters between myself and the public I’m speaking to. None of these people who say okay we’ll only sponsor you if say this, say that. That’s how they are manipulating the system. We’ll sponsor you as long as you say something that agrees with our ideology. You stray one centimeter over that, and you’re out.”

Phil’s Past Controversy

Of course, Phil was referring to the GQ scandal. He continued, “When the guy asked me, you know was homosexual behavior a sin…I just quoted a bible verse! First Corinthians 6 9 and 10. Sponsors bailed out, and it cost us about 10 million, and we had plenty left, so it didn’t bother me.”

So there you have it. Phil Robertson is still un-bothered by the entire scandal and isn’t worried he will repeat it in the future. Will you be watching Phil Robertson’s Phil In the Woods?