WATCH: Phil Robertson Insults City Living In A Video That Would Make Our Founding Fathers Proud


Phil Robertson is not a fan of big cities and bright lights. So why would he travel to New York City, much less the middle of Times Square? He had a message and he wanted the people of NYC to hear it.

Phil Robertson in New York City

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New York City is probably the last place you’d ever expect to see Phil Robertson. This is a man who loves wide open spaces, hunting, fishing, and anything involving nature. He doesn’t like large crowds, he doesn’t like technology, and he doesn’t like a fast paced life style. So why would Phil Robertson purposefully go to a place like Times Square?

Phil had a message to spread. While promoting his new show, In The Woods With Phil, Phil had to go to New York for some press. He took the opportunity to point out exactly what he thinks is wrong with the city. Were the people of New York willing to listen? Maybe.

You Need Wide Open Spaces

Phil and Alan Robertson decided to take to Facebook Live to air their grievances with the big city slickers. Phil said in the video, “What you need to remember is when Thomas Jefferson made the statement ‘as long as they have open lands to go to they’ll be happy,’ then keep living on the woods, on the prairies. He said if we get piled on top of one another, like in Europe, we’ll become as corrupt as they are.”

Phil Robertson’s deep respect for the founding fathers is well documented. He loves this quote from Thomas Jefferson, which seems to imply that large city skyscrapers aren’t good for America. Jefferson once said, “The mobs of great cities add just so much to support of pure government as sores do to the strength of the human body…” If you told us that was a Phil Robertson quote we’d have no problem believing you.

Phil Says We Have Too Many People in America

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Phil went on to say, “What you need to remember, at the time he said that there were only 4 million immigrants who had come to America. You’re like 1800… 200 years ago, there wasn’t but 4 million people here, total. I don’t know how many indigenous Indians were already here, but just 4 million newcomers…”

His words are juxtaposed by the thousands of people walking behind him in Times Square. Approximately 50 million visitors are said to walk through Times Square each year.

So what is Phil’s point? He continued, “We went from 4 million to 330 million…There’s 15 million in New York City, and I’m looking at about a fourth of them right now, Times Square. So, Al, we need to find out what brings us together, instead of what divides us. That’s for sure.”

Phil realizes that there are more people than ever now that need to hear his message. He wants to spread the word of God, faith, and family.

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