How Phil Robertson Found the Gospel of Jesus


phil roberstonAfter quitting his position as a teacher, Phil Robertson ran a beer joint. However, being around more alcohol wasn’t the best thing for him or his marriage to his high school sweetheart Miss Kay. But it all started in a real downward spiral after a big bar room brawl.

With the police looking for him Phil Robertson went to his young wife, and told her that he probably wouldn’t surface for two or three months. “Do what you can with what’s left here. And he was gone.”

The ensuing years brought on more battles with alcohol and lawlessness. He got mean, and meaner. Kay would tell her boys, “That’s not your daddy. That’s the Devil in your daddy.”

Then the real low point came for Phil. He actually ran Kay and the kids off. That’s what made him actually think.

Phil began to contemplate, “Is there a way out of this.”
That’s when he went to Kay.

“Do you remember that guy that wanting to talk to you about the bible back at the beer joint and you ran him off?”

He remembered. So she said, “Why don’t you just sit down with him and see what he has to say?” And so he did just that.

“Phil, what do you believe the gospel is?” Phil admitted he didn’t know. All he could think of was gospel music on the radio.

“You don’t even know what it is.” Phil thought, “I don’t guess I do.”

That’s when he told him how Jesus came into the world through the virgin Mary. And died on the cross.

Phil said, “How in the world did I ever miss that.”

“I was blown away when I heard that Jesus died for me and was buried and raised from the dead. Something so simple–but profound.”

I had missed it. I had never heard it.

The stranger from the bar and Phil left Kay a note. They had gone to the church. Of course Kay and the boys went after them.

As Kay and the boys entered the auditorium–there he was in the baptistery. That’s when she heard Phil say, “I want to make Jesus the Lord of my life. I want to follow him from this day forward.”

When she looked down at her boys, they had tears in their eyes. Even little Willie, who was only three at the time. That’s when Phil Robertson was baptized.

When Phil came up out of the water, his boys started jumping up and down hollering and singing.

They were saying, “My daddy’s saved,” over and over again. They were so happy.

It was then that Phil Robertson determined that he would make a valiant try–at being good. He had never tried it before.

The man he was studying with told him that all he had to do was to love God, and love his family–and try to be good.