The One Thing Phil Robertson Likes About The Internet


Phil Robertson has always maintained his disdain for technology. That includes cell phones, laptops, and the internet in general. However, he did finally admit that the world wide web is good for one thing- spreading the Gospel.

Phil Robertson On The Internet

It was always pretty ironic. Phil Robertson hates the internet, yet is all over it. He’s been written about in online articles, blogs, and message boards constantly. When you star in a successful series like Duck Dynasty and make the sorts of polarizing statements like Phil makes, you’re bound to be all over the world wide web. However, Phil maintains that he’s never looked himself up online. He doesn’t even own a phone.

Phil said, “Here’s the deal, cell phones, not for me. You look at these kids today…I’m not the cell phone type. Cell phones? nope. Internet? nope. Nintendo? no. That high tech stuff will just get you so far… shut it down turn it off.” He’s even claimed, “I’ve never turned on a computer in my life.” It’s hard to believe someone so famous, and so visible in the media, has never even opened a laptop. We are a bit skeptical- how does he arrange meetings with Fox News and large media outlets without at least being able to email?

It Can Spread The Gospel

However, there is one thing Phil Robertson admits the internet is good for. You might be wondering how someone who hates the internet ended up on CRTV- an online streaming television network. Phil’s team showed him the power an online video can have and the patriarch was convinced.

Phil had no idea that so many people were sharing videos of him speaking all over the country. He would spread the good news at an event, or church, and the video would instantly go viral. To Phil, there’s nothing more important than spreading the Gospel. He said, “They said people film you at these different gatherings that you go to all over the United States. So I speak to a thousand, but somebody takes that speech, puts it on the internet…” Phil admitted one of his assistants showed him a speech of his that had amassed 275,000 views. 

Phil explained, “The parable about the little mustard seed, that can’t grow but you don’t know it… It makes a big tree… You go out and preach the Gospel and you look up, and several million are viewing that thing now…”

Look at that. Jesus was the one thing needed to convince Phil Robertson to use the internet.