Watch What Phil Robertson Wishes He Could Have Said On Duck Dynasty If There Were No…


Phil Robertson is as out there as they come. The 72-year-old recently told a Roy Moore rally crowd that he’s never turned on a computer before. What’s even more shocking is that isn’t the craziest thing he said.

Phil Robertson’s Brand

Phil Robertson addressed the Alabama crowd at a Roy Moore rally by reminding just how far from the norm he is. “I started to wear my suit,” he recalled, “But then I realized I don’t have one.”

The Robertsons have always been great at branding. 

They created a brand of a kind, Christian, family-oriented people. They also created a character out of Uncle Si; never letting him stray from his famous zaniness. Finally, they created a character out of Phil. Phil was the old-fashioned, at times stubborn, patriarch of the family who seemed shocked that his children and grandchildren were accepting new technologies, and modern ways of life. 

However, Phil wasn’t happy with the character Duck Dynasty created for him. He didn’t think he went far enough.

On Duck Dynasty Phil would say a few extravagant things, but nothing that would cause viewership to decrease. 

In a recent Ben Shapiro interview, Phil aired his grievances. Speaking about his new show Phil In the Woods, he said, “I told the guys…I said if we do this, let’s have it to where there’s no filters between myself and the public I’m speaking to. None of these people who say okay we’ll only sponsor you if say this say that. That’s how they are manipulating the system. We’ll sponsor you as long as you say something that agrees with our ideology. You stray one centimeter over that, and you’re out.”

The True Phil

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These days Phil says whatever he’d like to, and dictates his own storyline. He wants to be able to say absolutely anything he wants, without fear of being filtered. At the Roy Moore rally, he said, “I don’t own a suit or a cell phone. And I’ve never turned on a computer in my 71 years on the earth. And someone said ‘How do you function without a cell phone and a computer?’ My answer is very peacefully.” 

It seems Phil Robertson will continue to portray himself as a man from Louisiana who is above the influence of modern-day technology. However, it just seems a bit hypocritical to be raking in millions of dollars through a paid-for streaming service