Facebook Did Shocking Thing To Phil Robertson… Fans Furious


Phil Robertson recently experienced censorship on Facebook. The social network removed a video clip from his new show, Phil In the Woods. In the clip, Phil is seen cleaning and preparing a duck while talking about duck hunting.

Phil Robertson Censored By Facebook

Earlier this month, Facebook removed a video from Phil Robertson’s facebook page. They deemed the clip “graphic violence, or gore.” Did the video include fighting, explicit language, or human blood? No. It merely showed Phil Robertson cleaning a duck to cook.

In the video we see Phil talking about the blue-winged teal duck he’d shot down. “It flew probably from Canada, possibly the Dakotas…That’s where they raise. Pot-hole country…you say why all the potholes? Perfect nesting area.”

As Phil rolls the feather off the duck, he states, “You say what’s he good for? Food source! Millions of pounds of protein in the sky, going from point A to point B…”

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Phil wrote commented on Facebook, “Graphic violence? Where do these people think their food comes from?! Are you sick of being told God’s name and your way of life need warning labels?”

CRTV, the Conservative television network Phil’s show appears on, wrote, “The video is Phil, his feathered duck, his pot, and a few words about living off the land and woods… The post isn’t there at all – censorship in the truest sense of the word. This is exactly the kind of extreme political correctness Robertson calls ‘pontificated crap.'”

Coming For the Rock n’ Roll Greats

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In the video, Phil Robertson also calls out musical artists who are against the practice of hunting. Finally, He says, “People shoot people, they say ‘The gun’s the problem!’ When people shoot birds, ‘That sorry low down rascal, he’s killing a bird and he’s gonna eat him. Some of my generation who happen to be…the greatest guitar pickers of all time…they shouldn’t be saying things like ‘Well it takes a coward to go out and kill a bird.'” Phil added, “No, it takes someone who is hungry.”

Do you believe Phil Robertson deserves to have his video back on Facebook?