Phil Robertson Got A NEW Nickname That Will Drop Your Jaw


We typically associate organic foods with millennial social media influencers, who love drinking trendy juices and eating vegan salads. However, Phil Robertson says if they want real organic, they should follow him. He even went so far as to call himself, “Mr. Organic.”

Phil Robertson Is “Mr. Organic”

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It doesn’t get much more organic than shooting and cooking your own bird. That’s what Phil Robertson believes. In a recent video for CRTV Phil Robertson can be seen gutting a duck he’s just shot down. He says in the video, “You want organic? Follow me around. You can call me Mr. Organic. You know why? Cause I’ve taken out most of my sustinence from the woods and the water. Fish, birds, deer, plum, persimmons, blueberries, blackberries, may hauls, slows, ducks. You harvest em, kill em, go get it.”

Phil and his family have been collecting their own food for their entire lives. It’s hard to imagine living off the land in today’s modern society, but they’ve managed to keep up their lifestyle through the ever evolving world. Even after their major success, they still live off of their land. The Robertsons could easily have any food they could dream of delivered to their doorstep. Yet, they prefer to go out and earn their meals themselves.

Phil said, “You fix a duck gumbo, and feed fifteen people with four or five of these teal in a pot. You gather around with children and you thank God for it, and you eat it.”

Phil Goes After The Musicians

Phil then took a strange turn and insulted a few unnamed musicians. It’s not hard to imagine which famous rock and roll group he’s referring to when he says, “Some of my generation who happen to be, I’ll give them this, the greatest guitar pickers of all time, out of the 60’s. Great guitar pickers. They shouldn’t be saying things like “well it take a coward to go after a bird.” No, it takes someone who is hungry.”

Phil Robertson then left the artists with this message, “Hey girls, guys, stick with the guitar picking. You’re the best. I’m still listening to your music. But I’m not listening and I’m not buying your ideology at all. It’s misguided.”