Phil Robertson Just Said What No One Else Wants To About This Major Scandal


Phil Robertson rarely holds back his opinion, and this week he decided to let everyone know exactly what he thinks of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The Duck Dynasty patriarch says he believes Hollywood is evil, as he returns to television on a conservative streaming service.

Phil Robertson On Harvey Weinstein

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Earlier this month news broke of the terrible sexual harassment cases brought against longtime film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein. The New York Times reported that Weinstein had paid off accusers for decades. Soon after scandal and outraged erupted.

Phil Robertson has long been against what he calls the “liberal media,” and Hollywood. He got word of the scandal and said it’s just another example of the industry’s evils. He said, “We’ve said for years that the Hollywood media has been controlled by the Evil One and now some Hollywood mogul is trying to breed all the chicks, and it gets covered up, and everybody is shocked!”

Phil also hinted at predicting this sort of scandal. He said, “We’re not surprised by this, and this is why we need to speak truth into this wicked culture…”

Phil’s New Show

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How exactly does Phil plan to speak truth into the culture? 

Well, he’s returning to television. Phil will have his new series Phil In the Woods on CRTV- Conservative Review Television. 

The network is a streaming service that viewers subscribe to separately. The service advertised, “Now, unencumbered by traditional media outlets, Robertson has the freedom to speak his mind and will take his viewers behind the scenes—into his woods and his daily life—to share musings on faith, culture, and politics. Uncensored and most assuredly politically incorrect, Robertson shares the simple, honest truths that can only be found in the woods…”

Phil intends to continue to tell it exactly how he sees it, and CRTV is giving him the outlet to do so. 

He explained, “Here’s the deal America, these are my woods. Out here I call the shots. If you want to hear someone mean what they say and say what they mean.” 

Phil Robertson’s new show will certainly cause quite a stir. Will you be watching?