Discover Why Phil Robertson Was Glad When Duck Dynasty Ended


Phil Robertson wasn’t keen on the idea of doing Duck Dynasty. However, he knew that if the Lord wanted it to be successful, it would be. Here’s why he was so glad when the show finally came to an end.

Phil Robertson Didn’t Want To Do Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson was not excited to begin filming Duck Dynasty. Willie Robertson explained, “For all practical purposes, they were retired.” At first, we were filming all the time.” The show meant Phil and Kay would have to go back to work and spend their days with complete strangers in their home. Willie added,  “You have to remember you’re running with a production crew out of Los Angeles, California, and they’re all cooped up in your house. You’re all together there. And the big shots from New York… You throw those types among a bunch of rednecks. They don’t blend well.”

Phil had another reason not to like being on the show. He felt censored and held back. He told Rick and Bubba, “Oh they edited out almost everything.” Phil would say something he thought about Jesus, politics, or anything hot-button, and it wouldn’t make it into an episode. Phil added, “and you have to remember, I quoted 1st Corinthians 6 9 and 10, when I did that cost the Duck Dynasty crew and all of us about 10 million…” Of course, Phil is referring to his controversial comments in GQ magazine.

He Gets To Say What He Wants Now

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Phil’s happier now that he’s on a Conservative Network, willing to let him say what he wants. He didn’t appreciate being edited and feels his message is as important as ever. He said, “our culture is just generating out these young people that are just down and out, no job walking around on the streets, selling their bodies.”

However, he qualified, “we love em. We love the whole doggone bunch.” He and Miss Kay work with drug addicts, and those in need in their community. He gets to speak on all of these matters on his show In The Woods With Phil on CRTV. Have you been watching Phil Robertson?