Phil Starts His Own Show, But What He Says Next Leaves Audience’s Jaw Hanging


Phil Robertson just spoke up about the evil forces at work in America today. He believes that Satan is to blame for all of the discourse and tragedy occurring. 

Phil Robertson On The Evil One

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Phil Robertson recently revealed what he thinks is wrong with America today. The Duck Dynasty patriarch believes that all of America’s issues can be blamed on Satan and his work in the American people.

Phil said, “On one side, you’ve got Romans 1, the ones who don’t think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, God gives them over, and the list is rather long. If you just look around the landscape, we’re seeing more and more of it. Mass shootings, thugary, drugs. It’s just ongoing.”

Instead of two political groups, or two cultures, Phil sees two forces at war. He said, “You gotta remember, two forces are behind both of the groups. You have God and His work through His Spirit in one group, and you have the Evil One, who works in people to do what he wants done. So, that’s why you see these two opposing groups. That’s where you see murder and lies, the Evil One is there.”

Phil’s New Show

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Phil hopes Phil in the Woods can be a part of the solution. The show is streaming on CRTV, an online television network with conservative roots. Phil said, “What we’re going to try to do is, start with us. When the people go from corrupt to Godly, then and only then will you see corrupt politicians go from corrupt to Godly. It begins at the bottom. We’ve met the enemy there folks- it’s us.”

Phil hopes his ability to speak freely on the show will help him do even more good in the world. Previously on Duck Dynasty, Phil felt censored. He wasn’t able to put his entire testimony out there without offending and losing sponsorship.

His son explained, “If you haven’t realized this, Dad doesn’t do too well with sponsors, advertisers and networks, because they don’t like what he has to say. So we decided to go straight to you, the folks.”

Do you think Phil Robertson’s new show will be able to fight the evil forces at work in America?