Willie Robertson Addresses His Father’s Disgusting Comments About The Gay Rights


Back in 2013, Phil Robertson stirred the pot by making controversial comments about the LGBTQ community. The controversy caused a brief suspension for Phil, but ultimately, the family stuck together and resumed filming almost immediately after. However, some fans don’t even remember Willie Robertson addressed these very comments on Larry King Now.

Phil Robertson’s Controversy

Phil Robertson was asked what he believes to be sinful. He answered, “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.” The quote ran in GQ magazine and caused quite the stir. Phil was quoting Corinthians at the time, but many saw his statement as hate speech.

Fast forward, and the Robertson family is now having to speak for their father. Newscasters wanted to know if the Robertson men hold the same beliefs as their father. Do they condone what their father said? For a good year, it seemed every public appearance the Duck Dynasty cast made brought new questions.

In one particular incident, Larry King asked Willie Robertson if he believes people are born gay. Many critics of the family gloss over this important exchange. However, we believe Willie was candid, honest, and open-minded.

Willie Robertson’s Views

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Willie Robertson isn’t his father’s keeper, and he certainly doesn’t need to take responsibility for his dad’s words. However, Larry King did want to know Willie’s take on the subject of gay marriage and equal rights.

Willie Robertson said, as always, family comes first. He told King, “We stood by him as a family.” However, Willie did admit he doesn’t blindly follow his dad’s lead. He said, “Some of the things he said in that interview I didn’t agree with. I even said so. He’s even came out and said yeah that was a mistake with things leading to beastiality…”

Willie had one message he really wanted to drive home. He said, “What I want people to know, and what we’ve said over and over is that we love everybody. Now I can say that, but I’ve actually put that into practice.”

Do you think Phil and Willie Robertson’s beliefs were taken out of context? Or do you think they should continue to apology for what they have said?