A Peek Into the Secret Life of Duck Dynasty’s Beardless Brother


Beardless brotherEven if you are an avid Duck Dynasty fan you might not be aware that there is another brother. The beardless brother of the Robertson clan. No, they aren’t hiding him.

In fact, Alan Robertson is the oldest son of Phil Robertson. Like the rest of the family, he has an interesting story of his own.

Like his parents before him, he met his wife, Lisa, in high school. They began dating when when she was just 15 and he was just two years older. Allan was not exactly an upstanding Christian boy at the time. In fact, he was more of a player.

However, Lisa had loved him from afar since she was in the sixth grade. What Alan couldn’t have known, was that Lisa had been abused. While he was looking for a good time, she was willing to just tolerate anything, in hopes of securing his devotion.

Those are circumstances that seldom ever end well. Alan and Lisa were no exception. Their relationship didn’t last.

Lisa’s life took a different path. She became pregnant a year later, at age 16, with another man’s baby. That’s when Lisa made the “worst mistake” of her life. She aborted her unborn child.

“I took a life.” Lisa told The Blaze, “That should not be my choice.” She says that while she has forgiven herself, there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about it. She thinks about the child she could have had.

“I have found redemption through Christ.”

After Alan committed himself to Christ, they found their way back to each other. At the time, they believed they were on a “new path.” Although it was a new path, Lisa brought along all of her baggage of abuse and abortion into her marriage.

“When we had been married 14 years, Lisa had an affair that lasted 14 months with a guy locally,” Alan told Glenn Beck. “She didn’t tell me. And this is what got us to, finally, the breaking point.”

When you don’t have anything else to lose, it’s easier to be completely honest. That was Lisa’s lowest point. She lost everything. The truth is, she admitted, that even though she was married to a minister, she had never really committed her life to Christ. She stood before their church, broken, in need of prayer and forgiveness.

Not only did get receive forgiveness, but she got counseling.

“The very first time we sat down with her it was almost like a burden was lifted.” Lisa said.

Lisa began to understand why she made the choices she did. Now Lisa and Allan have a mission of their own. They want to educate people.

“Molestation takes place in families way too much. We need to talk about it more. We need to teach our children what is safe and what’s not safe, and our grandchildren.”

“We need to talk about abortion. We need to say out loud and on purpose, ‘It’s murder. It’s wrong. It’s sinful. We need to talk about affairs. … We need to talk about it and help people overcome these things whenever it happens.”

You might be seeing more of the beardless brother, as he and his wife, try to reach out to hurting couples.