Are The Robertsons Trying To “Mislead” Thousands Of Americans By Promoting This?


The Robertsons have been promoting and supporting the Museum of the Bible on social media and in the press. The museum opened last week, amid skeptics’ concerns that its motives are unclear. Here’s what we know about Steve Green’s big project.

The Museum Of The Bible

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The Museum of the Bible was the idea of Steve Green, owner of Hobby Lobby. Steve is a conservative Christian. Much like the Robertsons, he has created a successful business and aims to use his position to spread the word of God and his faith.

However, many critics were skeptical when he decided to build a Museum of the Bible. Most assumed that the space would exist as a large evangelical aim, rather than a secular education exhibit. Despite criticism, the museum maintains that it is a secular spectacle, and is open for all to enjoy and critique.

The Museum of the Bible’s non-profit mission statement was changed to, “We exist to invite people to engage with the Bible through our four primary activities: traveling exhibits, scholarship, building of a permanent museum in DC, and developing elective high school curriculum,” back in 2012. 

Steven Green expressed, “the intent had always been to be a nonsectarian museum…“There’s been a lot of people that have argued that … we’re going to be proselytizing or be an evangelical view or protestant view,” Green said. “I think of a movie reviewer that reviews a movie they’ve not even seen. So how much credit can you give to someone who’s not even been in the museum?”

Green also added, “If we wanted to espouse our faith, we could, but we’re choosing not to. And so we invite visitors to come in and decide if we’ve done that job well.”

The Robertsons’ Thumbs Up

Some may hate the idea of a Bible museum. However, The Robertsons are certainly loving it. Korie Robertson shared on her Instagram, “Wow!!! @museumofbible we are blown away and will be back again for sure!” Korie probably will have to go back. Reports state that seeing every single exhibit would take eight hours of museum time for nine days straight.

Missy Robertson also enjoyed her time at the museum. She said, “We spent yesterday at @BibleMuseum in Washington DC with the sweet Green Family of Hobby Lobby. Their dream is now a reality. Thank you, Greens, for your heart and effort to to share this with all of God’s people. Opens Saturday! Go see it! Amazing!!”

The Robertsons love The Museum of the Bible. Time will tell if Americans and Washington DC tourists feel the same.