Missy Robertson Just Came Under Fire For Despicable Action…


Missy Robertson decided that a blog post about the Las Vegas mass shooting would be the place to talk about abortion. The conservative Duck Dynasty wife said she isn’t surprised an event like the tragedy occurred when you consider the “moral code” of some Americans.

Missy Robertson’s Ill-Timed Blog Post

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Missy Robertson made an ill-timed decision to use her blog post about the Las Vegas mass shooting to talk about her pro-life political stance.

The Duck Wife began her blog like any other Las Vegas tribute. She spoke of her fears as a mother, and her confusion about why things like this happen. However, Missy then took a segway not many understood. 

She wrote, “Our laws are put in place to reflect a moral code. But whose moral code are we reflecting? Man’s or God’s?  For a moral code to exist, there must be a moral code giver.”

Missy’s point seemed to be that because some laws in America allow for abortion, which she considers as murder, things like the mass shooting will happen. She spoke about Adolf Hitler’s actions and genocide, before saying, “But what about the parts of our personal moral code that doesn’t line up with God’s?  I’m not talking about the obvious like murder. Or am I? I think the politically correct term is called ‘abortion.'”

Missy never outright stated that she equates abortion, the mass shooting, and Adolf Hitler’s despicable crimes. However, she certainly alluded to it. She wrote, “The shooter in Las Vegas had his own moral code.  Why was his code different from God’s?  We may never know the circumstances of his life that brought him to make the decisions he did on October 1, 2017.”

Good Will Prevail

Some fans found the post to be inappropriate. Politicizing such a tragedy, especially when comparing it to an abortion seemed insensitive and opportunistic. Missy recently spoke about her conservative views and pro-life stance at the Moms March for America. In her speech, she said, “Those who advocate pro-choice have taken a gift from God, which is the freedom to choose… to justify the taking of the ultimate gift, which is life.” Perhaps the Moms March was a more appropriate avenue to air these views.

Do you think Missy Robertson crossed a line when she brought up abortion in her Las Vegas tribute?