You Won’t Believe Who Stands Behind The Robertsons’ Fame And Fortune


Missy Robertson says the opportunity of Duck Dynasty dropped in the Robertsons’ lap. She never sought out fame and fortune, but she believes it was God’s plan. 

Missy Robertson On God’s Plan

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Missy Robertson believes that her Duck Dynasty fame and fortune is all a part of God’s plan. She said, “We didn’t go out looking for this. It came to us, dropped in our lap basically.” Missy, along with her family, believe that God gave the Robertsons this opportunity, hoping they would do great things with it. The family realizes what great responsibility comes with their huge platform. They hope that they can use it wisely, and turn their fans towards the Lord. Missy added, “No doubt in my mind that God put us in this position.”

Missy also revealed that the family had to think long and hard about whether or not to do the show. Many reality TV shows have caused trouble in marriage, family, and health. Missy shared, “We had to make a decision. We’ve seen a lot more reality shows on television that have torn families apart. We had to make a decision if we wanted to do this or not.” The family discussed the options long and hard. Missy added, “We had even a list of pros and cons.”

They Didn’t Change For Cameras

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Missy credits the family’s success to their ability to stick to their roots. She said, “We said you know what we’re going to stick together no matter what. We’re going to show who we are.” She also says that the family didn’t put on an act one bit for the cameras. The Robertsons were simply being themselves, and America loved it. Missy said, “We didn’t change and become someone that you see now. Were the same people that we were before. Now we’re just more well known.”

Now the Robertsons just hope they can use their platform wisely and please God. Missy explained, “I just hope that we are fulfilling that for him, that he is pleased with us. He gives, he can take away.” Do you agree with Missy Robertson? Did God have plans for Duck Dynasty?