Look Where Missy Robertson Was This Weekend…


Missy Robertson helped celebrate the Hobby Lobby Bible Museum in Washington DC over the weekend. The museum was created and funded by Hobby Lobby owner, Steve Green.

Missy Robertson Attends The Bible Museum

The Bible Museum opened last Friday in Washington DC, amid much anticipation. Missy Robertson, an outspoken Christian woman, wouldn’t have missed such a momentous occasion. She brought her son Reed, his wife Brighton, and daughter Mia along for the grand opening.

Missy said, “We spent yesterday at @BibleMuseum in Washington DC with the sweet Green Family of Hobby Lobby. Their dream is now a reality. Thank you, Greens, for your heart and effort to to share this with all of God’s people. Opens Saturday! Go see it! Amazing!!”

Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts chain. They sell things like glitter, paint, wood, and canvases to crafters across the country. However, they’re now known as more than a supply store. Like Chick-fil-A, and other Christian businesses, they also close on Sundays and are outspoken about their Christian faith. They even fought a Supreme Court case about birth control.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that owner, Steve Green, wanted to use his large wealth to create a Bible Museum.

The Bible Museum

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Photo by religionnewsservice.com

The museum opened last week in Washington DC. It’s quite large- 430,000 square feet to be exact. The Green family has been collecting biblical artifacts for years and are now displaying them for the general public. 

At the museum, tourists can view the Dead Sea Scrolls and more. Green said, “There’s just a basic need for people to read the book…This book has had an impact on our world and we just think people ought to know it and hopefully they’ll be inspired to engage with it after they come here.”

The displays are quite extensive. The Greens also say the Bible Museum doesn’t aim to spread Christianity. Instead, it helps to educate believers and nonbelievers alike. Green stated, “We’re not creating a place to proselytize…We believe there are multiple applications for Scripture, but only one interpretation,” and “Time and time again, evidence has shown the Bible to be accurate.”