WATCH: Miss Kay Robertson’s Love Story With Phil Will Give You Goosebumps


Miss Kay was raised mostly by her Grandmother. The matriarch of her family had quite a few wise words to share. Ultimately her advice was the reason Miss Kay was able to fight for her marriage to Phil Robertson.

Miss Kay’s Marriage To Phil Robertson

Miss Kay and Phil Robertson have now been married over 50 years. However, it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies for these two. They had a ten year period of discord and dark times. Thankfully, Phil saw the light and came back to Kay and Jesus. Kay credits her grandmother with keeping the couple together.

In Miss Kay’s I Am Second video she explains, “When my grandmother and I talked about getting married, I said, ‘We’re gonna be just like all the books say. I’m gonna get married, I’m gonna have four kids, and I’m gonna live happily ever after.'” While Kay’s grandmother appreciated her optimism, she knew that most likely wouldn’t be the case. She told Kay, “I know that you feel like that now, but I promise you somewhere in life you’re going to have to fight for your marriage.”

Kay’s father died at only 44 years old. She was only 14 at the time and her mother immediately began to date other men. Kay says it was “not a good situation for a teenage girl.” Desperate for affection and family, Kay found Phil Robertson. The couple became serious, and Kay said, “I think in a lot of ways he just took my dad’s place, as my protector.”

Kay’s Grandmother’s Influence

Kay became pregnant and the couple married. They were poor and learned to live off the land. Kay said, “I kind of feel sorry for Alan. He would have had liked to have had a real mom and dad, but he had who he had.” She describes herself and as “kid with a kid,” but says she and Phil were incredibly in love.

Things turned dark, however, when Phil began to drink heavily and cheat on Miss Kay. When many women would leave, Kay stayed. Her grandmother told her “One Man for One Life,” and she stuck to it. 

Thankfully, Kay listened to her grandmother and things turned around. We suppose we have Miss Kay’s grandmother to thank for Duck Dynasty.