Why Miss Kay Surprisingly Stayed With Phil After He Cheated On Her


The Robertson marriages appear as strong as can be. They are based on a love of Jesus, and mutual respect for family. However, it hasn’t always been sunshine and daisies. Here’s what Miss Kay has said about sticking by Phil through good times and bad.

Miss Kay On Why She Stayed With Phil Robertson

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Phil Robertson wed Miss Kay when she was only 16 years old. Though they loved each other, they had quite a bit of growing up to do. Phil went through a dark period of drinking and promiscuity. However, when Miss Kay had every reason to leave, she stayed.

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Missy Kay admitted that many friends and family advised her to leave Phil. However, it was her grandmother that encouraged her to work it out. She said, “The worst advice I ever got was when they told me to leave him. I attribute a lot of [sticking with Phil] to my grandma. She was such a stickler for staying with your marriage. She always used to say, ‘You have to fight for your marriage.'”

Miss Kay also had no idea she would ever have to go through any sort of marital trouble. She explained that she thought marriage would be all fairytales and butterflies.

“Of course I was someone that never believed I would have to do that because I read way too many books that ended with, ‘And they lived happily ever after.'” She added, “…When I say, ‘I love you,’ it’s for life. If we would not have stayed together I would have known in my heart that I had done everything I could possibly do to make that marriage work.”

The Kids Are Alright

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During Phil’s adultery, Miss Kay was faced with the burden of explaining her husband’s actions to their four sons. She recalls telling Willie and his brothers, “Your dad is a good man. He has a good heart but right now the he’s letting the devil control him and that’s who we should hate – the devil and not Phil. We’ll pray and pray that the devil will leave him but he has to make the choice to do that.”

Eventually, Miss Kay’s prayers were answered and Phil saw the light. Now they have a stronger marriage than ever. Still, it’s hard to believe she was able to endure what she did. Would you have been able to forgive Phil Robertson?