Miss Kay Speaks On The Robertson Family’s Mission And Destiny


Some believe that the Robertsons were destined to be famous. They believe it was God’s work that put Duck Dynasty on TV, in order to spread the Gospel. Miss Kay just might be one of those believers.

Miss Kay Robertson On Her Family’s Success

No one saw the Robertson family coming back in 2008. Duck Commander was a fairly unknown business. The men’s DVD compilations were mostly viewed by actual hunters. They barely had a female audience at all.

Miss Kay believes all that changed because of God’s will. She told Merrell In The Morning, “It’s like heaven on Earth. We’re not perfect, I just want everybody to know that. We have our faults, just like anybody else. But, somehow because of what God wanted our family to do, it seems like we’re just going in every direction.”

That’s certainly true. Phil and Miss Kay are still living in West Monroe Louisiana, but now they can call themselves authors, pop-culture icons, and even recording artists. Phil is still on television, with his In The Woods With Phil show. Plus, Kay’s children Willie Jase and Alan each have their own entrepreneurial pursuits. Their wives have written books, designs fashion lines, and endorsed brands. Even the grand kids are promoting Jesus, Sadie Robertson in particular starting her own Bible study subscription box.

What To Be Thankful For

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Miss Kay is certainly thankful for the opportunities her entire family has been given through God’s will. She most grateful, however, for her immediate family and her marriage to Phil. She said, “I say thank you God for first for saving me, but then for the fact that Phil and I have been together through thick and thin…We went through some really hard things, and yet fifty years later we’re together… I’m just blessed with my four boys, and what they’ve accomplished and what they’re doing…I just never thought that would happen.”

Miss Kay is certainly a proud grandmother. It is amazing what the Robertson family has accomplished in so little time. What do you think they will do next?