Miss Kay Breaks News With STUNNING Announcement… You’re Going To Love It


Duck Dynasty matriarch, Miss Kay, opened a NEW business endeavor! And it’s one that’s going to delight your tastebuds. 

That’s right… 

Her cooking skills are now on display at, Miss Kay’s Sweets and Eats!

The amazing bakery is located in West Monroe and open for business.

42-Weeks In The Making

photo by @misskayssweets via instagram.com
photo by @misskayssweets via instagram.com

42 weeks ago, “Miss Kay’s Sweet & Eats” Instagram account was created. The account posted a photo of the front door with the caption, “Our sign is on the door at 401 Trenton Street! We look forward to serving y’all in the coming weeks! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get the latest news and photos of our progress!” Since that post, the Robertsons have been working hard on bringing their Grandmother’s dream of having her own bakery to life. The business has hosted events, and pop-up shops while construction was underway at the bakery. On December 6, 2016, the dream was realized. The store opened for business. The Instagram account announced, “We’re proud to announce that we’ll be open to the public on Tuesday, December 6 at 7 AM! See you there!”

Taste Tested To Perfection

Miss Kay Robertson has had her hand in all aspects of the business. She has reportedly taste tested every recipe to make sure the baked goods are authentically Robertson. Miss Kay said, “The most important thing is that they taste like my mine, and they do.” Miss Kay will not be working day to day in the kitchen. However, a Robertson will still be running the show. Alan Robertson is Miss Kay’s oldest son. His daughter, Alex Mancuso, is a trained pastry chef and will be running the kitchen. It’s safe to say Miss Kay’s Sweets And Eats is in good hands.

All In The Family

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.com
photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.com

As with every Robertson business, the entire gang is involved with marketing. The Duck Dynasty cast is known to use their social media followings and large fan base to promote new ventures. Sadie Robertson helped her grandmother out by advertising the bakery to her 2.9 million Instagram followers. The Duck Commander teen wrote, “Proud to carry on the Carroway name. Miss Kays sweets & eats are absolutely stellarrrrr. like wow dangerously good. If you’re in West Monroe, La check it out!” Korie Robertson also mentioned the bakery on her Instagram; “Made it home in time for the opening day of @misskayssweets❤️so proud of my niece, Alex! Stop by and say hi! Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit better than homemade pecan pie and a white chocolate mocha.”

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.com
photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.com

It looks like the family is having a grand time selling their favorite family dishes. Today Miss Kay’s Eats and Sweets Instagram account posted a photo and wrote, “Miss Kay wants you to come over for a biscuit and some coffee! Good morning!” It seems everything the Robertsons touches turns to gold. This new bakery will most likely be no exception.