Miss Kay Tells A Truly Disturbing Story Of Phil’s Abuse On Camera


Miss Kay Robertson is known as the matriarch of the Robertson family. She’s always supported her husband, Phil Robertson, through his darkest days, and brightest successes. In this video, Kay opens up about the abuse she suffered from Phil, and how she saw him grow and flourish with the Lord.

Miss Kay’s Abuse

Miss Kay Robertson suffered a large amount of abuse from Phil Robertson at the beginning of their marriage. When Alan, their oldest son, was first born Phil wasn’t the Godly bible carrying man he is today.

Today we know Phil as a man of die-hard faith. Back then, however, he had an affinity for alcohol and partying. Miss Kay explained, “I don’t want anybody to stay through an abusive thing, and I had some abuse…It was only when he was drunk. The words were the worst. But I’m not saying he did anything physical. One time he did drank some real moonshine and he did do some physical abuse that time…” She also believes he was on a path to destruction. She stated, “I’m convinced that if I hadn’t stayed with him he would be dead.”

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Thankfully Phil Robertson came around. Miss Kay hit a breaking point one night when Phil accused her of cheating. He was in a drunken state and had convinced himself she had committed adultery. Kay remembered, “I completely lost hope. That night as I was crying in that bathroom in that trailer, I really thought about ‘I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.'”

Their Son Saved Their Lives

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Alan came to the bathroom door and spoke straight from God to Kay. He said, “Mom, don’t cry anymore. God’s gonna take care of us.” She told her kids, “Don’t hate your dad, you hate the devil.”

After many months of sharing the gospel with Phil, he finally came around. Phil quit drinking cold turkey after appearing to Kay at her work. “It was the beginning of the new life, the new Phil.” A preacher baptized Phil in front of the boys. Miss Kay soon gave birth to Jep.

Phil became a bible school teacher and evangelist. God used Phil to lead hundreds to Christ. Miss Kay Robertson tells a pretty incredible story. Can you believe what the Robertsons have come from?