Discover How Billy Graham’s Death Is Affecting Duck Dynasty


Mia and Missy Robertson headed to New York City last week to promote their new books Princess In Camou. They appeared on Fox Business Network and spoke about the impact Billy Graham had had on their lives.

Mia and Missy Robertson Talk Billy Graham

Billy Graham passed away earlier this month at the age of 99. He had spent his entire life spreading The Good News. The Robertson family has certainly looked to him as an inspiration and encouragement throughout their own public evangelism.

Mia and Missy Robertson appeared on Fox Business Network to talk about their new books in the Princess In Camou series.  However, before they promoted their work, they took a moment to honor the late evangelist.

Missy Robertson said, “We didn’t know him personally, I think maybe some in our famil.y had met him before, and I had the met the family. But his influence on Americans in general and all over the world, amazing. His faith was very out there, but in a loving way.”

Missy shared that she was able to speak at the Billy Graham library just a few months ago. She posted about the experience on her Instagram. She said, ‘[Billy Graham’s]  humility and focus on Jesus is an example for all. He wasn’t keen on the building of his library because he didn’t want any credit. I was privileged to speak there just a few months ago and was told when he walked thru the first time, Franklin asked, “Dad, what do you think?” He shook his head and replied, ‘Too much Billy.'”

The Robertsons’ Example

Missy Robertson explained that Billy Graham’s work was inspiring to her. She said, “I think it’s the humility, he was always pointing himself away, and pointing others to Christ. And that’s what his legacy was it was not about him. And that’s what Jesus wanted to do too. It’s not about us here on earth, but it’s about his kingdom and expanding that.” Duck Dynasty fans could argue that the Robertsons are leaving a similar legacy. They frequently use their position and platforms to point others to Christ.