John Luke’s Wife Proves She’s Perfect For Him With One Post…


Mary Kate Robertson recently wrote a heartwarming post about the touching moments she shared with her sister and family in childhood. She describes a picturesque Southern upbringing, complete with outdoor activities and lots of fun.

Mary Kate Robertson’s Childhood

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Mary Kate Robertson loves to write on her blog, The Little Duck Wife. The Duck Dynasty star often shares intimate details about her and her husband John Luke’s life. This week she was inspired to tell fans about her childhood.

She wrote, “I feel like going home always leaves me feeling sentimental and pretty nostalgic. So many memories just come flooding back! Every time we’re in the town I grew up in, I am always telling John Luke a story about this place or that place or this or that thing I did. I thought it might be fun to share some things with you and give you a little peek into my life when I was younger.”

First, it makes sense that Mary Kate married a Robertson. It sounds like she spent quite a bit of time outdoors as a child. She and her sister apparently would spend every afternoon together.

She also grew up on a lake and spent many days on a boat with her family. Mary Kate’s sister is two years older than her. She also has an adoptive brother who is in pre-school. Apparently, Mary Kate had always hoped her parents would adopt. She revealed, “My sister and I wanted another baby in the family for soooooo long and never thought it would happen when we were 16 and 18 years old…”

Her Father’s Drug Store

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The Robertsons are known for their family businesses, and apparently, Mary Kate’s family had a similar life. Mary Kate grew up hanging out at her father’s drug store. It’s the oldest in Louisiana. The Duck Wife explained, “He was the pharmacist and my mom worked in the gift shop, so on the days my moms was working my sister and I were up at the store as well. We took orders at the soda fountain, wrapped gifts, and colored on the label sticker paper  a lot throughout the years. My pay was basically in Blue Bell ice cream.”

Sounds like Mary Kate Robertson had a similar childhood to John Luke, now her husband. She grew up surrounded by love, entrepreneurship, and Jesus.