This Man Took A 9-Hour Drive To Be Baptized By Phil Robertson


Phil Robertson has baptized well over 300 people in his life time. The patriarch of the Robertson family, Phil is always up for spreading the good news. However, sometimes that news has to travel pretty far.

Phil Robertson Questions A Customer

Most successful businesses believe “the customer is always right.” They strive to cater to their customers and please them in any way. It’s definitely frowned upon to question the customer’s beliefs, morals, or speech.

However, that’s exactly what Phil Robertson did one day. He felt led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a man ordering duck calls from Duck Commander. Phil remembers, “The guy called me up one time, and he used God’s name in vane about four or five times while he was ordering a duck call… Well after about the fifth time that he come out with this un-Godly language, I said ‘Let me ask you something. Why would you keep using God’s name like that?'”

Phil was met with silence and the man hung up. However, what Phil said actually did resonate with the man. Ten minutes later, the man called back and asked to speak with Phil. Phil recalls, “he said, ‘Mr. Robertson I’ve never thought about that…'” Phil then took the opportunity to tell him about Jesus Christ. Phil told him, “You’re from Alabama, it’ll take you bout nine or ten hours. Why don’t you just drive over here and I’ll tell you a story about the one you’re cursing.”

Unlikely Visitor

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You would think a nine-hour drive would deter a man from coming to see Phil Robertson. Especially since this was before the Robertsons’ name was known at all. Yet, the man showed up at Phil’s door a week later. Phil says, “I gave him the good news about Jesus. He and his friend. They cried. Took em down to the river and baptized them, and they went on their way rejoicing.”

17 Years later, Phil met the man once again at a Duck Dynasty event. Phil says, “That is how you put God’s word into action.”

If Phil Robertson told you to drive to his house to be baptized, would you do it?