Look What Happens When Liberty University VP Tells Students To STOP Taking Selfies of John Luke And Mary Kate


Many Duck Dynasty fans know that John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson are now in their third year of college at Liberty University. What you might not know is that when the pair were freshman, school officials asked the student body to stop pestering them for selfies.

Liberty University’s Selfie Policy

Liberty University is the largest private Christian non-profit school in America. With over 110,000 Christian students, the school creates a large voice in the Christian community. It’s no surprise that the campus is crawling with Duck Dynasty fans.

It’s also no surprise that John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson chose to attend the school. Liberty is located in Virginia, and the pair wanted to go there to not only grow academically but also spiritually.

However, they faced a bit of a problem when they first set foot on campus. During the 2015 Liberty convocation, Korie and Sadie Robertson appeared before the student body to speak about their faith. While introducing the Duck Dynasty characters, Vice President David Nassar had to ask students to please stop asking John Luke and Mary Kate for selfies.

While announcing the Duck Dynasty guest speakers, Nassar said, “Let me just say, this is a homecoming for them. This is family weekend for them…they’re not just coming to speak… because you guys know right? That John Luke and his wife are just walking around as freshman around here?”

He’s Seen The Selfies

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Then Nassar gently warned the student body to stop bothering the celebrity couple. “I’ve seen all the selfies,” Nassar said. “You’ve got about another three days before that’s got to stop,” he warned. “Leave these people alone, alright?”

The tone in the convocation dropped for a second. Many attendees weren’t sure if the school official was being serious or joking. He went on to say, “They’re amazing people. They’ve been patient with you. Just know that they’ve come here not to be celebrities but to be servants and to be students and to learn…”

We wonder if John Luke and Mary Kate asked the vice president to say something on their behalf. Neither one has ever written about the school being a bother. Mary Kate has been very vocal about her struggle during her freshman year, but never once mentioned annoying selfies. 

Do you think the transition to Liberty University was hard for John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson?