Everyone’s Talking About The New “Person” In Sadie’s Life


When Sadie Robertson moved to Nashville, she left behind her family of Robertsons who had kept her company her  childhood. However, she quickly gained friends who became family. Laney Redmon is one of those people. Here’s what you need to know about the girl Sadie keeps calling “Kousin” from childhood.


Laney Redmon

Laney Redmon is a dancer from Nashville, who quickly became best friends with Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson. The two have been inseparable over the past few months. They even created their own Instagram account together, @Its_sadieandlaney.

Sadie and Laney are the kinds of friends who become family. They refer to one another as “kousins,” a unique play on “cousins.” The two frequently post videos dancing and singing together. They’ve already amassed over 27,000 followers as a duo. 

The pair met when Laney was dancing with the Christian artist Britt Nicole, who performed on Sadie’s Live Original tour. The girls often support one another’s projects.

The relationship means a lot to Sadie. She wrote for Laney’s birthday, “Big Dip ITS YO BIRTHDAY! Which means it’s one of my favorite days!!!! Your life has brightened mine so much. I’m so thankful how we can be crazy weird as all get out one second, and then in the deepest conversations about feelings the next. I will always be your biggest cheerleader…”

Splitting Up The Duo

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The pair of friends posted earlier this week that they won’t be able to share as many goofy videos together. Laney has been hired to dance in Mandesa’s tour, and Sadie will be hitting the road with Live Original. Sadie said, “BUDDY. I’m so sad that we are about to go 100000 miles in different directions for the next few months, but my gosh I am so proud of you. On our off days, we will have more fun and be more crazy then ever….”

Do you have a best friend who became family, just like Sadie Robertson and Laney Redmon?