Korie Robertson Shares Her Thoughts On The Struggle To Keep Faith During The Robertsons’ Fame


The Robertsons shot to fame so quickly. They had absolutely no time to prepare for what Duck Dynasty would change about their life. Korie Robertson has opened up about the struggle she and her family had to stay faithful and normal amid their whirlwind success.

The Robertsons’ Fame

The Robertsons are one of the most famous families in America. Duck Dynasty was, and is, truly a pop-culture phenomenon. The family managed to show a functional, age-appropriate dynamic without fighting or exploiting each other for publicity. While so many reality shows revolve around screaming and fighting, theirs offered something new.

Now fans want to know- how have they kept their family so close during this whirlwind rush to fame? Surely it’s hard to stay “normal” and sane through this process. 

Korie Robertson said, “I think the important parts of our lives have stayed the same. We’re doing it as a family. We all live on the same street. We go to the same church, we go the same school. Those things that are like core to who we are, and are important to our family have not changed one bit.”

This family truly has embraced their new role. They find a deep responsibility in their large platform and believe God gave them this success for a reason.

Korie Robertson Says Things Have Changed

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Of course, some things have changed. Korie did admit that the family’s lives are a bit more glamour now. She said, “Our lives of course have gotten a lot busier. We’re in New York, and Vegas, and LA and Dallas all in one week now. So our lives have changed as far as that’s concerned.”

However, Korie did make a great point about one thing that did not change. She explained, “The core of who we are, and what got us here and where we’re going to end up when this whole thing dies down, has stayed the same. And that’s really important.” Korie believes she’s going to heaven, and in the end, that’s all that really matters.

Do you find Korie Robertson’s words to be inspiring?