How Sadie Robertson Overcame The Struggle Of Appearing On DWTS


Willie and Korie Robertson seem like the most laid back, kind, and caring parents ever. That’s why we were shocked to hear that Korie was quite apprehensive about Sadie appearing on Dancing With The Stars. However, she came around to the idea, and now she’s so glad that she did.

Korie Robertson Talks Sadie

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Sadie Robertson is making big waves in this world. Now an author of two books and the headliner of a tour, she’s accomplished quite a bit for a twenty-year-old. One could argue that much of her success can be attributed to her time on Dancing With The Stars. When she was only 17 years old Sadie was offered a coveted spot on the show. She moved to LA to film and ended up winning the runner-up position. 

Now Korie Robertson had admitted she was apprehensive about sending her daughter off the Hollywood alone. Korie said, “It was a tough decision. She wanted to, had been talking to me about it… She asked me about doing it, and I honestly didn’t think Willie would say yes. So I said go ask your Daddy.” Korie assumed Willie would play the bad cop. However, he actually saw an opportunity for his daughter, and told her if that’s what she wanted to do, he would support her.

Korie predicted there would be haters. She said, “It was a little bit stressful…To send her off to LA by herself at 17. It wasn’t that we were worried about her, we had a lot of confidence in her… It was just like what people would say, because you know there’s haters out there on social media…” 

Critics and Fans

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Sadie did receive a bit of criticism at first. Some Christians weren’t too keen on her skimpy outfits or dancing with an older man. However, most people thought she did a great job. Korie recalled, “The fan base was awesome, now we’re Sadie’s parents. Her fan base was just awesome… That was fun to see as well.”

We’re so glad Willie and Korie Robertson ended up letting Sadie head to Hollywood and flourish. Would you be able to send your daughter off on her own?