Korie Robertson Reveals The Long-Awaited Truth About Having A “Mixed Family”…


Korie Robertson is once again celebrating National Adoption Month and raising awareness about the needs of foster kids. She wore a t-shirt that says “Families Don’t Have To Match” in honor of the day.

Families Don’t Have To Match

Korie Robertson has long been an advocate for the over 100,000 children in need of a home in America. She posted a photo on November 16th with the slogan that read, “Families Don’t Have To Match.” The star explained, “We are halfway through #nationaladoptionmonth and wanted to give you a way you can help out!! 💯 % of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts goes to the cause of adoption to help kids in need of forever families!”

Korie even admitted she bought a shirt for every family member (which is a lot of people). The proud mom plans to get a great photo-op out of them. “Get 1 or 2 or 10 (like i did 😄) Can’t wait for all of our kiddos to be home for Thanksgiving…I’ll be making them wear their shirt for a pic.”

Korie decided she wanted to be an adoptive mom after being inspired by her Bible school teacher as a young woman. She recalled, “My Bible teacher adopted and just really, really talked about how important it was and how that what God calls ‘true religion,’ is taking care of widows and orphans and that imprinted on my heart then…And Willie and I were dating’ at the time and I told him I wanted to adopt and he was all in from the very beginning.”

World Adoption Day

Apart from celebrating National Adoption Month, Korie Robertson also celebrated World Adoption Day with her kids. The custom is to draw a smiley face on the palm of your hand. Korie captioned her photo, “Adoption has made our family complete and we couldn’t love this day anymore!”

Willie and Korie Robertson have certainly built a beautiful family. You can purchase the National Adoption Month shirts HERE.