You’ll Never Guess When Korie Robertson Decided To Marry Willie


Korie and Willie Robertson have been married over 25 years. They have six children together and they’ve created an entire duck call empire. So how did these two meet? Well, it’s not your typical love story.

Early Beginnings

Most people meet their wife or husband later on in life. It’s not every day that you hear of a marriage starting in grade school. However, Korie and Willie Robertson’s love story is out of the ordinary.

Korie Robertson recently revealed that she met Willie in grade school. In third grade to be exact. For the star’s 46th birthday Korie posted an adorable throwback and wrote, “I first laid eyes on @realwilliebosshog in 3rd grade at summer camp and fell instantly in love… Today he turns 46, my how time flies! Many things have changed…we’ve grown together, have an amazing family, had successes and failures, good times and bad, lived many of our dreams and that funny, thoughtful, passionate kid is still right there under that beard. Still loving you, Willie, forever and always. Looking forward to at least 46 more birthdays with you!”

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In the picture, Willie is sporting a hilarious bowl cut and those same goofy dimples he still has. Korie must have fallen in love with that adorable smile from the start.

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