Korie Robertson Makes Devastating Confession… People Tried To Do This…


Korie Robertson is boldly standing up for what’s right. She recently came out publicly to ask the church and others to speak up against racism. The Duck Dynasty wife says she and her family were targeted by white supremacist groups due to her son, Willie Jr’s race.

Korie Robertson Speaks Up

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There has been far too much division in this country recently. It seems racial tensions are at an all-time high. However, Korie Robertson is hoping to help bring about productive conversation and advocacy. 

Korie is worried that some Americans are sitting quietly by, and are doing more harm than good with their silence. The Duck Dynasty star told Fox News, “We have to stand up, and we should be emotional about things like that, and we have to stand up and talk about it…”

Korie also recounted a time when her family was attacked for adopting a biracial son. Korie and Willie Robertson adopted Willie Jr when he was only five weeks old. Duck Dynasty fans have seen the young man on television for many years now. Willie and Korie think of him as a part of the family just the same as any of their other children. Willie told People Magazine, “Here’s the thing: when we look at him, we don’t see an adopted kid. It doesn’t even cross our minds…He’s as much ours as our biological children.”

However, some groups don’t see it that way. Korie explained, “When our family hit mainstream and all the sudden all of America’s watching, they noticed our son’s biracial and we got comments, and we got hate and negativity, and we were actually targeted by white supremacists at one point. So it’s just shocking and scary and sad to know that that still exists in our country.”

Breaking The Silence

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It is certainly shocking, and we agree with Korie that more needs to be done. Korie added, “I think we need to speak up, and we need to talk about it. Sometimes we kind of just don’t talk about it because maybe in some ways we don’t know what to say. We don’t want to make a mistake. We want to be politically correct, so we just stay silent and hope that it gets better, and that’s really not the way to healing…”

She certainly has a point. We are so thankful Korie Robertson has such a strong voice and is willing to use it for good.