REVEALED: The Robertsons’ Favorite Books To Read


Korie Robertson is the matriarch of the  Robertsons. She’s written her own book Strong and Kind, all about raising wonderful kids. Now she’s recommending a few good books to her followers.

Korie Robertson’s Reading

For all you book lovers I thought I’d show you what’s on my nightstand right now. Some I’ve read recently, some in the queue. They aren’t always stacked this neatly, ha! 1- Devotions for the Hungry Heart @shellietomlinson She is as funny as she is deep. Love her! 2- Live Fearless @legitsadierob #proudmom This book is not just for young people! It’s about breaking free from fear and the power and passion that comes from that. 3. The Genius of One by Greg Holder this is a book about unity in our divided world. This one is in the queue. So important! @thegeniusofone 4- Box of Butterflies @romadowney full of personal stories, successes and disappointments, and beautiful quotes to inspire 5- Street God @pastordimasnyc life story of drugs, gangs, prison, and God’s power to save and transform! Couldn’t put this down!! 6- Finish First @scotthamilton84 can’t wait to read this! So inspired by Scott’s life. So full of passion and faith without fear. He’s the real deal! 7- This Dangerous Book Steve and Jackie Green this is the story behind their families passion and mission to found @museumofbible incredible lives and legacy! 8- If You Only Knew @jamieivey reading this one next! I love @jamieivey she poured her heart and hard truths into this book. 9- Discerning the Voice if God @priscillashirer Our Church is starting this study soon. Priscilla is one of the wisest, most real people I know! Excited to dig into this. Also always on my nightstand is my @naturmetic #naturalskincare 💁🏼‍♀️

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Every wondered what a Robertson reads in their spare time? It would seem that they spend most of their time in the Bible. However, Korie Robertson recently revealed her top picks of literature, and we’re definitely curious.

First of all, Korie recommends Devotions For The Hungry Heart: Chasing Jesus Six Days From Sunday. Shellie Rushing Tomlinson writes this tiny little devotional. Korie says, “She’s as funny as she is deep…” Story telling, and of course Jesus, fill the book.

Secondly, Korie recommends Sadie’s latest bookLive Fearless. Now there’s no surprise here. Korie has always been Sadie’s biggest cheerleader. In this book Sadie talks about her own battle with anxiety, and fear. She encourages her followers to deepen their relationship with Christ, and live with out worry.

Once again, she recommends a God based book, The Genius of One: God’s Answer for Our Fractured World. This book calls for unity and acceptance in an ever separating world. It’s no wonder Korie likes this one. She is always looking for a way to unite the world, and bring peace and good.

Fellow Celebrity Authors

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Fourthly, Korie brings up a fellow celebrity’s work. Box of Butterflies is written by Roma Downey, who starred on Touched By An Angel. The book talks about the actress’s faith, and experiences with God throughout life. 

The most controversial book Korie mentions is probably This Dangerous Book. Written by Hobby Lobby owners Jackie and Steve Green, this book talks about the Bible and it’s many implications in the world throughout the years. Amazon states, ” It brings social upheaval, international arguments, and political controversy. It has been used to justify both love and war. And for generations, it has found its way into the hearts of millions, offering comfort, direction, and life-changing truths.” The couple recently opened The Museum of the Bible in DC, to mixed reviews. While some say the museum is a stunning work of academia and education, others believe it pushes religion and evangelizes where evangelism shouldn’t take place.

Finally, Korie recommends a few other faith-based books by God-loving writers. We’re definitely sensing a theme here. Korie, and the rest of the Robertsons, love to fill their reading time with either the Bible… or books about it. Have you read any of these? Will you take Korie’s recommendations?