Everyone’s Obsessing Over The Jaw Dropping Advice Korie Just Gave


Korie Robertson is a wonderful mother. With 6 kids to tend to, it’s no wonder she has great advice under her belt. Sadie Robertson recently published a saying her mom frequently repeated, and it’s too good not to share.

Korie Robertson’s Motherly Advice

Sadie Robertson recently published an excerpt from her Live Original book online. The Duck Dynasty star has been sharing snippets of her work on her blog in order to spread her message to a wider audience.

This week she wrote, “My mom says: ‘You can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you won’t ever please all of the people all of the time.'” Korie Robertson certainly has great advice. She’s been through so much raising six kids, each with different backgrounds and struggles. 

Sadie continued, “Don’t let people you can never please change your smile. What’s true for me is true for you. You do not have to try to impress anyone either. God made you in a unique way so you would have something great to offer the world around you.”

It seems Sadie and Korie are growing closer than ever. The young woman has definitely learned a lot about hard work, faith, and courage from her mother. On Korie’s birthday, Sadie wrote, “You bring joy. Your life and your time is a gift to all. My goodness I can’t image how big God smiled when He created you. No one knows me better than you mama. No one makes me feel more confident, loved, or at peace. Glad you’re my best friend.”

Strong And Kind

Korie Robertson has even profited off of her motherly wisdom. She wrote the book Strong and Kind to talk about the values she instills in her children, and how she hopes they will grow. 

Korie explained, “What America needs today are parents w ho don’t just s ay they value these virtues but who live them and passionately and boldly teach them to their children. It’s up to me and you and every parent in America to make the necessary changes to give our children the opportunity to change the world.”

Wouldn’t you just love to have Korie Robertson as your mom?