Korie Admits THIS Is The Surprising Real Reason She Voted For Donald Trump…


Korie Robertson admitted that she did in fact vote for Donald Trump, and abortion is the reason why. She told CNN she didn’t make the decision until the very day of the election, and that she was quite torn last November.

Korie Robertson On Abortion

Korie Robertson recently told CNN that she didn’t decide who to vote for in the 2016 presidential election until the very day of the race. Her husband, Willie Robertson famously endorsed President Trump early in the election. However, Korie remained undecided throughout the grueling election season.

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Korie told CNN, “I will say I did not make that decision until the day of the election. I really really struggled with it. It was a very hard decision for me. In the end, I did [vote for Trump.]”

Fans won’t be shocked to hear the final factor that tipped Korie’s decision. She explained, “I chose to mainly because of Hilary Clinton’s stance on abortion.” Korie also explains that she believes many of Trump’s voters felt themselves in a similar conundrum. “I think in the end a lot of people made the choice because they felt like the other wasn’t the right candidate. Rather than we had a really great choice.”

Not A Fan

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Korie Robertson also expressed that she is not happy with President Trump’s performance so far. “I don’t think he’s leading our country to a place of unity,” she explained. 

Korie’s sister-in-law Missy Robertson recently spoke about abortion at the Moms March For America. The Duck Dynasty wife said, “Our culture convinced us that a life growing inside a woman’s belly is not yet human…yet DNA technology proved that an untruth. We were told that they are not life until they are born. Yet, ultrasound technology reveals a beating heart by 8 weeks gestation.”

The Robertsons are certainly passionate about their pro-life stance. Would you follow Korie Robertson’s example and make a decision to vote for a candidate based solely on abortion?