Korie Just Revealed A Crazy Fact About The Show Involving Obama


Willie and Korie Robertson spoke to US Weekly about Duck Dynasty as the show came to a close. They revealed some pretty fascinating information, including that Obama was a big DD fan.

Politics Aside, Obama Loves Duck Dynasty

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Obama is probably not a huge fan of the Robertson’s politics. Last year Willie Robertson became President Donald Trump’s first celebrity endorsement. He was all over the news speaking about President Trump’s business sense and family values. At the same time, Obama was campaigning hard for his Democratic predecessor Hilary Clinton. However, it looks like Obama was able to put aside politics for a little entertainment.

When Willie and Korie Robertson spoke to US Weekly about Duck Dynasty ending, they revealed the President was a big fan. Korie said, “The first time we went to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner [in 2013], the Secret Service guys were like, “Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, the Obamas would like to meet you.” They pulled us behind a curtain into this room. Nicole Kidman was there!” Willie then added, “President [Barack] Obama said he watches the show on Air Force One. We got such a kick out of that!”

Can you imagine? President Obama kicking up his heels and watching Uncle Si talk about Justin Beaver and Napalm? It’s certainly hard to picture. 

The Real Truth About Reality

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Korie also revealed that they tried to keep the show as genuine as possible. Many critics have pointed out that lots of the episodes seemed staged and almost skit like. Korie said, “Those episodes that are authentic and meaningful to us are the ones I think are the best, like when Phil and Kay renewed their vows  or we adopted Rowdy.”

However, there were some things the family did keep from the cameras. For example, Willie explained that the family had each others’ backs in the editing room. “We try to protect everybody and not get caught in something embarrassing, though. There was one time Si was picking his nose and producers thought it was funny. We were like, ‘No, take that out.'”

Can you imagine what watching Duck Dynasty with President Obama would be like? We wonder who his favorite Robertson is.