Kay Robertson Opens Up About Abortion And Being Pregnant At 16


When Miss Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson graced Abilene, Texas, at the 11th annual Call Her Blessed luncheon, Miss Kay kept it real.

Phil and Kay Robertson
Phil and Kay Robertson (source: The Gospel Herald)

The event benefited the adoption agency Christian Homes & Family Services, and hundreds of women were there, according to Abilene Reporter-News.

Miss Kay told these women how she remembered her dad as a fisherman and hunter when she was a little girl in Louisiana. She loved helping him. 

And she wanted to love a man that could fish and hunt like her father.

That’s what she did — she found the ideal candidate in Phil Robertson. Although ideal is never perfect.

Their marriage was rocky at first, Kay explained to the women at the event. She got pregnant at 16 years old, but by that time her father had passed away from a heart attack at just 49 years old.

Also, Phil was away at school, playing quarterback for Louisiana Tech.

“I said I’ll just call Phil and I’ll join in, and we’ll just get married up there,” Kay said. “And there’s just no doubt about it.”

They faked their marriage until she was 18, and then they got married.

But now that she’s telling all, she says it’s freeing. Honesty will do that to you.

And she encouraged young pregnant women to reconsider having an abortion. She hopes that women in the situation she was in turn to God.

“There’s a world full of them that don’t know,” she said. “They don’t know about God, they don’t know about love, they don’t know there are homes for their babies. There are so many people that love them and have goals like Christian Homes.”

Kay emphasized the importance of life, no matter what stage — whether you’re 16 and pregnant, an old man dying of a heart attack, or an unborn baby.

Duck Dynasty wedding
Kay and Phil Robertson (source: The Gospel Herald)

“I don’t care if you have a few minutes to live or if you were born just a few minutes ago,” she said. “I don’t care if you’re just conceived and you’re just a little peanut in there, life matters. Anywhere along that spectrum, life matters.”

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