Miss Kay Makes Horribly Sad Admission… Please Pray


Kay Robertson has been incredibly honest and outspoken about her marital troubles in the past. In one interview she even went so far as to courageously admit to considering suicide as a last resort. Here’s the one thing that saved her from taking her own life.

Kay Robertson’s Depression

Kay Robertson has lived quite the life. She grew up in a little town in Louisiana with only one stop light. She married Phil Robertson as a teenager and describes it as love at first sight. However, things weren’t happily ever after.

Phil began to drink a few years into their marriage. He would verbally abuse Kay and even became physical when particularly drunk. She said, “I had some abuse there…it was only when he was drunk…there was a time when he drank some real moonshine and he did do some physical abuse.”

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Kay had been told to fight for her marriage. She said, “When I made the vow to God, for better or worse to death do you part…I’m convinced that if I hadn’t stayed with him he’d be dead.”

One particular night, Kay hit a wall. Phil had come home drunk and accused her of adultery. He had been sleeping with other women but had convinced himself that she was being disloyal. Kay said, “I completely lost hope. That night as I was crying in that bathroom, in that trailer, I really thought about I just want to go to sleep and not wake up. I actually looked at the medicine cabinet and [thought] if I had something to just take to go to sleep and not wake up.”

Her Saving Grace

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So what stopped Kay before it was too late? She recalls, “The next thing that happens, I heard those little slippers coming…It was Alan and Jason, and Willie. Alan said, ‘Mom. Mom, don’t cry anymore…God’s going to take care of us.'”

Kay’s children saved her. She said she thought, “What would happen? If something were to happen to me, what would happen to them?…It was like a light, he turned on the light. I just said ‘God, help me. Just help me.'”

Thankfully Kay sought help from a pastor. It was there that she heard the gospel’s good news and eventually passed the message along to her husband.

These days Kay Robertson is in a happy marriage with Phil Robertson. They have dozens of beautiful grandchildren and an incredible legacy. We are so glad she was saved that night.