Jessica Robertson Makes Major Confession About Adopting…


Jessica Robertson recently launched a new website, Genuinely Jess. On the site she will be giving fans an intimate glimpse into her life. One of her very first articles chronicles her adoption story, and how her nephew inspired her to adopt her son Gus.

Jessica Robertson’s Adoption Story

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Jessica Robertson recently gave fans an intimate glimpse into her life. Her new website, Genuinely Jess aims to help her connect with fans. She wants to keep a close bond with them post Duck Dynasty. Jess wrote, “I am so glad you could join me on this endeavor of life without the cameras. I hope this lifestyle blog will encourage you, inspire you, and down right draw us closer together.”

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In one of Jessica’s first posts she explained what inspired her to adopt her son Gus. Apparently Jessica used to babysit Willie and Korie’s son Will Jr right after he was adopted. She recalled, ” I got the privilege of keeping him when they were out of town and I worked at our church’s daycare to take care of him. I loved having little Will-man around. He still holds a special place in my heart, and him joining our family definitely played a huge role in adoption entering my heart.”

Jep’s Adoption Story

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Although Jessica had wanted to adopt a child for quite sometime, it took Jep Robertson a little longer to come around to the idea. Jessica shared that it wasn’t until Jep took a mission trip to the Dominican Republic that he felt the need to adopt. Jep handed out white undershirts, candy and toys to kids in an orphanage while overseas. He was so touched by their response that he immediately wanted to take them all home with him. Jessica wrote, “When Jep got home, he was truly a changed person.  I could tell his heart and soul had been outstandingly touched by his experience there.”

Jessica shared that the adoption process was difficult, but it was all worth it in the end. “When our baby Augustus (Gus) was born, everything fell perfectly into place,” she said, “all thanks to God.  We got to go see him in the hospital, and Jep said, “This is our boy!”  We took him home four days after he was born and have loved every single moment with him.”

Jessica Robertson’s website is sure to be a good read for fans. Will you be checking it regularly?