Jessica Uploads This Pic, But What She Writes Underneath Will Make You Think…


Jessica Robertson celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in an unconventional way this year. The Duck Dynasty wife chronicled five things she’s thankful for on her Instagram page.

Jessica Robertson Gives Thanks

Jessica Robertson gave thanks in a major way this year. She decided to share her gratitude with fans and inspire others to reflect on what they’re thankful for. 

Jessica wrote, “Sundays in our house are full of family and love! One of my favorite times of the week to gather ‘round the breakfast table and just be ourselves!! As we near Thanksgiving, I’m starting my #5DaysOfGratitude today counting down to the holiday!”

Jessica’s first thing to be thankful for was her family. The Robertsons are atight-knitt group, so it’s no shock that they are grateful for one another. The mother of five recently launched a new parenting section on her website. She hopes to chronicle her motherhood journey and spread tips and tricks to her fans.

Secondly, Jessica is thankful for her husband. Jep and Jessica show a lot of affection for one another on social media and seem to have an affectionate relationship. She wrote, “I am SO grateful for a loving, supportive husband. Having someone to do life with that has supported my hopes and dreams is a key ingredient of happiness and success. I love my bearded man!”

Adopting Gus

Jessica celebrated day three of gratefulness by celebrating her youngest son, Gus. Gus was adopted into the family. Jessica explained what inspired her and Jep to bring him into their home in a blog post. Apparently, Jessica used to spend a lot of time with Willie Jr. and she saw how much joy adoption brought to her brother-in-law’s life.

Finally, Jessica said she is thankful for her girls. These women certainly share a special bond. Jessica is a girly-girl, so it must be fun to share clothes and fashion advice with them.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?