Jep Robertson Makes Announcement Robertsons Are Devastated By…


Jep Robertson will be selling his $1.4 million dollar home. He and wife Jessica have already moved away from the rest of the Robertson family. They now reside in Austin, Texas. But why would they want to leave famed West Monroe?

Jep Robertson’s House For Sale

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Jep Robertson’s house is for sale. He and wife Jessica Robertson listed the property for $1.4 million dollars. It’s well worth the price, with six bedrooms and six bathrooms for a large family. The new buyers better like Duck Dynasty.

The house is located near the rest of the family’s properties. It sits in a cul de sac occupied by other lavish Robertson homes. What made the youngest Robertson couple move so far away from their ever-supportive family?

Fans were skeptical that the family had moved after a few Instagram stories showed them participating in events around the Austin area. Mia Robertson even wrote to her cousin Merritt, saying she’d love to visit her in Texas. However, it wasn’t until Jep and Jessica spoke about the move on their podcast that fans were sure.

Jep said, “We have officially moved to Austin, Texas.” Secondly, Jessica added, “The seed to be planted for moving here started about ten years ago,” Jessica chimed in. “We fell in love with the Texas area. Gradually, we started doing more and more here. The past five years we’ve really made a lot of friends in Austin.”

Family Ties

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It’s hard to believe that Jep and Jessica would choose to raise their five children without the help of their many relatives close by. Yet despite being away from home, it seems they are doing great. Jessica recently launched a new website about her lifestyle and parenting choices, and all seems to be happy in their household.

Jess is particularly close to Miss Kay. We were worried their relationship would grow weak, but it seems they already have a plan to stay strong. Jessica said, “God has planted those people in our lives over the past five years to know the transition to leaving because we’re not leaving family, yes we are leaving the neighborhood and selling our house, but we’re going back so often. Kay’s already booked trips here to see us.”

Can you believe Jep Robertson’s house in West Monroe is for sale?